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Projects using TeslaMate


An LED illuminated acrylic Tesla Model 3. Its color and scale of light depend on the cars current state.



A Magic Mirror Module for TeslaMate.


Home Assistant Addon

An unofficial Home Assistant addon for TeslaMate, with a PostgreSQL addon too. Works with the existing community Grafana and Mosquitto addons to provide a complete solution.



A TeslaMate integration for calculating cost of charges. This application will automatically update your cost for charge sessions in TeslaMate within a specified geofence (usually home) using data from your smart electricity tariff.

The supported energy providers / tarriffs are either Octopus Agile, Tibber, aWATTar or fixed pricing (manually specified).



TeslaMateApi is a RESTful API to get data collected by self-hosted data logger TeslaMate in JSON.

The application is written in Golang and data is received from both PostgreSQL and Mosquitto and presented in various endpoints.


TeslaMate Telegram Bot

This is a telegram bot written in Python to notify by Telegram message when a new SW update for your Tesla is available. It uses the MQTT topic which TeslaMate offers.


TeslaMate ABRP

A python script (also available as a lightweight docker image) that pushes car status data to ABetterRoutePlanner based on contents of TeslaMate MQTT's topic.



Collection of custom dashboards for Grafana.


TeslaMate Custom Dashboards

Teslamate Custom Grafana Dashboards, including: Battery Health, Browse Charges, Charging Costs Stats, Charging CurveStats, Continuous Trips, Current State, Mileage Stats, Tracking Drives and more. Also, there are two dashboards (Current Charge & Drive View) that could be browsed on the car while driving or charging.


Tesla Home Assistant Integration

The Tesla Home Assistant integration can use the data from the TeslaMate MQTT integration to update car data in near-real time.


LINK: Wiki How-To

Tesla-GeoGDO (previously Tesla-YouQ)

A lightweight app that will operate your smart garage door openers based on the location of your Tesla vehicles, automatically closing when you leave, and opening when you return. Supports multiple geofence types including circular, TeslaMate, and polygonal. Supports multiple vehicles and various smart garage door openers.



Raspberry Pi project that installs along Tesla's standard USB drive, sends video alerts in real-time & backs up all footage, now comes pre-installed with TeslaMate.